eZ Platform Active Directory Connector

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    eZ ActiveDirectory Connector

    The eZ ActiveDirectory Connector is a directory service for single sign-on identity, user groups roles and policy management on Microsoft Windows domain networks.

    Enterprises are usually empowered by a Windows Active Directory (AD) for single sign-on, identity, user groups roles and policy management. AD is a directory service that Microsoft developed for Windows domain networks. It can be either deployed over Windows Server, Azure Active Directory or compatible third-party softwares like Red Hat Directory Server. The benefits for eZ Platform having a connection to enterprise wide identity provider is the unified, standardized approach applying all centralized identity information to eZ Platform.

    Here are some use cases for the eZ Active Directory Connector:

    • Editors can login with their common password to the CMS/website.

    • Editors and CMS administrators will automatically get the proper rights for their roles in the CMS.

    • Blocking a known identity will have an instant affect on the CMS/website and connected applications.

    • Management of identity information is happening at a central place for the ease of use for the IT deparment.